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Millions of mainland tourists visit Maui each year. First time visitors come with just a vague inkling of the available activities, accommodations, and dining choices available to them. Repeat visitors often have great plans for what they want to do during their short stay on the island. Both need a resource that will allow them to plan their vacation before they arrive. InfoMaui, the most comprehensive Maui Vacation Planning Guide, is designed to be that resource. We don't just list the businesses that pay for listings, or those businesses we think fall into the top 10 or 25 category. Instead we have indexed and listed every business and service relevant to tourists.

As tourists search our listings for places to stay, things to do, and places to dine, you can highlight your business with a logo, banner ad, web page, or web site. We have designed several inexpensive ways to get your business noticed by tourists as they plan their vacation.

1. A logo with your listing. After you have submitted the text for your free listing you can have your logo displayed next to your listing. Logos are the perfect visual to attract the eye of a potential customer, and often a tourist will remember that graphic image when they see it on island. To display your logo for 1 year is just $75.

2. Banner Ads. A banner ad at the top of a page is a great way to immediately grab the attention of someone searching our site for information. Banner ads can provide links to your listing or to a web page on or off the InfoMaui site. Banner ads are $75 per month on the top of listing pages, and $125 per month at the top of index pages. Banner ads are discounted as follows:

Page 1 Months 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years
Listing $75 $210 $400 $700 $1200
Index $125 $330 $630 $1000 $1600


  Free logo with listing Free logo with listing Free logo with listing Free logo with listing + 2 free months

3. Web Pages and Web Sites. We are happy to design, develop, and host single web pages, or entire web sites. To get more information on pricing please call us at 669-3877.

4. Menu Pages. For restaurants that want to include a menu with their listing we are happy to provide a free link to an existing page or design and host a simple menu page for $100 to $150 per year. Call for more details.

5. Online Reviews - Each restaurant gets a free 5 line listing to help differentiate it from all the other restaurants on Maui. But the best way to get a visitor hooked is to publish a review of your restaurant. We will publish any legitimate review from a legitimate source (with their permission) for $100 dollars a year.

6. Discount Coupons - Publish an Internet discount coupon that will lure travelers from thousands of miles away directly to your activity, bypassing the activity booths and the 40% commissions they charge. We will design and host an Internet coupon for $100 a year.

Please direct all inquires to or call us at 669-3877.

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