Kihei and Kamaole Parks

Kihei Today:

Kihei is a natural vacation spot. Six miles of beach, nice reliable weather, ocean on one side and lush green Haleakala on the other. Because of this, there are now over 100 condos, several hotels, shopping complexes, food stores, rentals and restaurants lining both sides of Kihei Road. In spite of the growth, it is still fairly quiet, and a popular place for residents to live. The beaches are wonderful, dotted with parks that have facilities for volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer, as well covered picnic areas with BBQ pits. Swimming and snorkeling are great, and because of strong afternoon winds, windsurfing is popular. Most accommodations are moderately priced, and are located across the road from the beach.

Kihei the Past:

Some ancient battles brought war canoes to this landing place. Later explorers moored their ships here, Capt. Vancouver being one of the best known. Bunkers were built during WWII, in the event Japan decided to attack Maui. Some ruins of these can still be seen along the beach.


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