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Kula is some of the best farming land in Maui. Sweet Maui onions, Lettuce, Strawberries, Cabbages, Potatos, Apples Pineapples, Artichokes, etc. This area supplies many of Maui's top Restaurantuers with the freshest Vegetables sometimes grown to a single chef's specifications.
Also Herfords and Black Angus Beef, as well as Flowers of all kinds.

This is a fascinating area to just slow down and get lost in the winding roads through gulies and over ridges and hills.

Take Route 37 through Pukalani onto Route 377 to Kimo Rd. and Explore.
If you continue above Kimo Rd. you will find Kula Lodge, home of the Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery, Kula Sandalwoods and many Flower shops and Gardens.