Central Maui Restaurants

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Archie's (808) 244-9401 $ Japanese
Japanese food at a reasonable price. - 1440 Lower Main, Wailuku
Bentos and Banquets by Bernard (808) 244-1124 $ Local
Local plate lunch - Teri chicken or streak, roast pork, a variety of noodle dishes. - 85 Church Street, Wailuku
Buzz's Wharf Restaurant (808) 875-8472 $$$ Seafood
Prime rib and seafood. Located in Maalea with a great view of the harbor
Chums Family Restaurant (808) 244-1000 $ Local
A local favorite. Plate lunches, Loco Moco, teri chicken and beef, macaroni salad - 1900 Main Stree, Wailuku
Cupie's Drive In (808) 877-3055 $ Local
Take out and outdoor picnic tables. Plate lunches, teri burgers, noodles, hot dog, hamburgers. - 134 West Kamehameha Ave, Kahului
Fujiya Restaurant (808) 244-0206 $ Japanese
Good inexpensive Japanese food located int eh heart of Old Wailuku Town. - 133 Market Street, Wailuku
The Ichiban Restaurant (808) 871-6977 $ Japanese
Fast food Japanese/local style. Good place to get a plate lunch. The menu includes teri beef or chicken, chicken katsu, noodles, and daily specials.
Koho Grill and Bar (808) 877-5588 $ American
Koho Grill and Bar is a great place for family dining. Koho has an enjoyable relaxed, casual atmosphere. Offering something for everyone; burgers, sandwiches, fajitas, steaks and more. Catch the game on their large screen TV. Box lunches, take out and delivery available.
Las Pinatas of Maui (808) 877-8707 $ Mexican
Small Mexican restaurant located on dairy road.
Lone Star Cookhouse (808) 242-6616 $ BBQ
BBQ chicken, brisket, ribs and smoked sausage. - 1234 Lower Main Street, Wailuku
Luigi's Pasta' Pizzeria (808) 877-3761 $$ Italian
Great pasta selection. Excellent seafood & steaks, Veal, Chicken, Traditional Pizza, salads and vegetarian specials. Early bird specials 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Children's menu. Take out and delivery.
Marco's Grill & Deli (808) $$ Italian
Great place to grab a meal on the way to and from the the airport in Kahului. Big New York style deli sandwiches, Italian dish include lasagna and linguini with white clam sause. - 444 Hana Highway at the corner of Dairy Road, Kahului
Mama Ding's Pasteles (808) 877-5796 $ Puerto Rican
If your looking for something different this might be the place for you. The speciality are pasteles, which are steamed green banana skins filled with pork, wegetables, and spices. - 255 E. Alamaha Street, Kahului
Maui Taco's (808) 871 7726 $ Mexican
Healthy Maui-Mex made with fresh island produce. Maui Taco is owned and run by Mark Ellman, the owner and chef at Avalon. Maui Taco has good quality, inexpensive, and innovative Mexican food.
Maui Tropical Plantation (808) 244-7643 $$$$ BBQ
The Tropical Plantation features a buffet dinner and live entertainment. The buffet consist of BBQ chicken, chili, cornbread, and other southwester fare. The show is mixture of country western and hula.$52 for adults and $20 for children under 18. - Waikapu
Mel's Lunch to You (808) 242-8271 $ Local/Filipino
Local and Filipino food - 1276 Lower Main, Wailuku
Mushrooms (808) 244-7117 $ Local
Mushrooms is accused of serving local fare, if that's true it's the gourmet version of local food. - 2080 Vineyard Avenue, Wailuku
Nazo's Restaurant (808) 244-0529 $ Local
Lots of local and Filipino dishes that include bento plates, oxtail soup and pork adobo. - 1063 Lower Main, Wailuku
Norm's cafe (808) 242-1667 $ Local
Teri beef and chicken, loco moco, roast pork and beef stew. - 740 Lower Main, Wailuku
Sam Sato's Inc. (808) 244-7124 $ Japanese
Known for the mein and dry mein noodles along with lots of other Japanese/Local dishes.- 1750 Wili Pa Loop, Wailuku
Sandalwood Restaurant (808) 242-6000 $ American
Located at the Sandalwood Golf Course in Waikapu, they server lots of local favorite along with hamburgers, reubens, sandwiches and pizzas.
Sharktooth Brewery Maui Steakhouse (808) 871-6689 $ Micro Brewery
Located in the Kaahamanu Mall, this is a great place for lunch or an inexpensive dinner. They brew 4 of their own beers here, try the sampler.
Sheik's Restaurant (808) 877-0121 $ Local
A diner serving local food. Large portions, low prices. - Wakea, Kahului
Shirley's Drive In (808) 877-5300 $ Local
Local style plate lunches.
Stillwell's Bakery and Cafe (808) 243-2243 $ Bakery
Serving breakfast and lunch, that includes homemade breads and pastries, and sandwiches.
Sub Paradise (808) 877-8779 $ Sandwiches
A large variety of sub sandwiches. A good place to grab a sandwich to take with you when you're taking a trip to Hana. - 395-E Dairy Road, Kahului
T C Restaurant (808) 244-0845 $ Local
A diner serving local food. Large portions, low prices. - 1770 Mill Street, Wailuku
Tokyo Tei (808) 242-9630 $ Japanese
A local favorite among people who live and work in the area. Know for their teriyaki steak. - 1063 E. Lower Mauin St. Wailuku
Waterfront Restaurant (808) 244-9028 $$$ Seafood
Another one of the great restaurants on Maui. The Waterfront is located in Maalaea, with a beautiful view of the harbor. Enjoy fresh island fish served in a variety of styles or the wild game du jour. Maalaea Harbor, Maalaea
Wei Wei Barbecue and Noodle House (808) 242-7928 $ Local/Chinese
A great lunch spot in Wailuku. All the local favorites plus a large variety of Chinese noodles dishes and roast pork and duck. - Located in the Wailuku Millyard