About Discount Coupons and
Coupon Packages on the Internet.

In a word...Do not pay for any discount coupons advertised for a price, for anything on Maui.

These discount packages are available EVERYWHERE on Maui for FREE.

They are in your Hotel Room, in front of Grocery Stores, Restaurants, on the sidewalks in Brochure Displays, in every Magazine and Newspaper on the Island... and in many of the in-flight magazines you will read during your flight over.. And of course they are up to date if picked up while on island, rather than 3-4 months before you arrive.

Many restaurants have an early bird special offered for early diners, no coupon required, yet for some reason I have seen these "coupons" offered also.

One word of caution, Time-Share Sales have about 17 shops on Front street alone. Do not get talked into a seminar for a free trip. It's not worth your time. Spend a couple of bucks and save yourself the HIGH PRESSURE sales job, and 3-hours of hype.
(and believe me they are very good at selling you something you may not want).

Instead, just relax and enjoy your vacation!!!

If you really feel that it is necessary to see coupons before you arrive on Maui, you can call This Week Maui, and for the mailing charge they will send you a booklet packed full of discount coupons. (offered free on island).

If you just can't wait call
(808) 845-0572

This Week Publications
274 Puuhale Rd., Suite 200
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819-2234

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