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Surfing is the most popular sport among Maui residents. Every boy and most of the girls growing up in Maui learns to surf. Half of the mainland surfers dream of moving to Maui to surf the endless summer and the other half do. It's a surfer's paradise. The best weather, the best wave, and fairly tolerant employers who used to be surfers themselves.

So if you've come to surf, Big Wave Dave, a local surfer, and the best surf cinematographer on the island, reviews some of the can't miss spots on the island. And if you've never surfed before and want to try, Dave has some tips that might keep you healthy just a little bit longer - Editor


By Dave Brodeur

So you want to check out Surfing on Maui? You are not alone. Every year thousands of surfers from California to Florida and every state in between come to test their skills at Maui’s exotic and classic breaks. If you are a beginner, don't worry because there are plenty of spots with gentle rollers to introduce you to the "Sport of Kings." Maui has two seasons for waves, and while our weather seems to remain the same, the swells change drastically from winter to summer. The winter season on Maui generally begins in November, when the first of many large swells generated near Alaska or Japan find their way across thousands of miles of open ocean, generating more and more power until they reach the Hawaiian chain. These swells will reach the north and west sides of the islands creating waves 20 ft. and higher. Quite often, the swell is too big to ride at some breaks, completely closing out small bays and inlets that are our secret spots. However if you are lucky enough to catch a North swell before the crowd hears about it, you can score some of the best waves anywhere!.

Still interested? These winter swells continue late into the spring and surfers take advantage of satellite photos, marine weather forecasts and buoy readings to pinpoint the best spots and times to surf. The coconut wireless is extremely effective on this small island for finding out the best spot of the day, even if conditions do seem to get exaggerated.

Best spots for Winter Surf

Honolua Bay
Located 14 miles north of Lahaina, a world class right hand point, breaking into a bay which is also a marine preserve. Different take off points allow the crowd to spread out, but rides over 100 yards are possible.
D.T. Fleming Beach Park
Long Sandy Beach with facilities. Various breaks, left and right, a powerful beach break that can be dangerous to swimmers.
Long tube rides, breaking on a north or south swell. In front of the Embassy Suites. Can be crowded.
Picks up north swells, a favorite among windsurfers. Strong currents, with a long paddle out. Surfable when nowhere else is.

Best spots for Summer Surf

Home of "Freight Train" rights. One of the fastest waves anywhere. Needs South swell.
Soft easy peaks, good for beginners. Shallow reef at low tide.
Laniapoko beach park
This park with facilities is a favorite among longboarders in summer, lefts and rights.
Gentle break, takes south swell, good for beginners.
Lahaina Breakwall
In front of Lahaina Harbor. Long left handers with occasional rights. Best at mid tide. This area can get crowded.
Lahaina Harbor
Mostly a right , very popular among young locals, also very crowded. South swell.

Check out our site for updates and don’t forget your sunscreen. Keep Surfing!

Want to see these breaks at their best? Call for a video on Surfing In Maui, and see for yourself. Contact Big Wave Videos at (808) 667-6224 or email him at  brodeur@maui.net for more information.