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Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum 1902
Housed in a former Plantation superintendent's residence. The museum presents the history and heritage of the sugar industry as well as plantation life. Exhibits offer historical insight into social, cultural, and technological aspects of Hawaii's dominant industry from the mid 1800's to the early 1960's
2375 - A St. Wailuku
The Baldwin Home 1830's
Home of medical missionary Dr. Dwight Baldwin and his family from the mid 1830's to 1868. The Lahaina Restoration Foundation maintains the home as a museum. Stop by and pick up a walking guide for more information about Lahaina Town.
Front and Dickenson Streets, Lahaina.
Bailey House Museum The Maui Historical Society (808) 244-3326 1833
Bailey House exhibits an outstanding collection of Hawaiian Artifacts in this charming old house, which stands on the site of the royal compound. The Museum Shop offers the finest of Maui's traditional and current handcrafts, and it's the place to search for books on our heritage.
The Maui Historical Society operates the home as a museum. National register 1973
2375 - A Main St. Wailuku.
Hale Kahiko
Authentic re-creation of a Hawaiian Village. This is a living exhibit, featuring three main hale (houses). Walking through the living exhibit you get a feeling of how the Hawaiian people lived hundreds of years ago. Free although donations are welcomed.
Lahaina Center. Corner of Front Street & Papalaua street.
Hale Pa`i 1831
Was the "House of Printing" for Lahainaluna seminary, founded in 1831, and now the oldest educational institution west of the Rockies. Restored in 1982 Hale Pa`i displays a replica of its original press. National Register 1976
Lahainaluna Rd. at the highschool
Hana District Police Station & Courthouse 1871
Was the seat of legal authority for the Hana district until 1979. Restored in 1989, the building was returned to its original use in 1990. Hawaii Register 1988
Hana Cultural Center Museum (808) 248-8622
The adjacent Hana Cultural Center displays a fine collection of Hawaiian artifacts from Maui's "most Hawaiian" community.
4974 Uakea Road, overlooking Hana Bay
Holy Ghost Catholic Church 1894
Hawaii's only octagonal building dating from the nineteenth century. The hand-carved alter and fourteen stations of the cross are works of art. This Kula landmark was restored in 1992. National Register 1983.
Lower Kula Rd, Kula
Ka`ahumanu Church 1832
Designed in the New England style by Edward Bailey. Founded in 1832, the congregation erected the current church in 1876 to honor King Kamehameha's Queen, the powerful ali`i Ka`ahumanu, whose influence was instrumental in establishing Christianity in the Hawaiian Islands. National Register, 1975.
Main & High Streets, Wailkuku
Keawala`i Church 1832
Founded in 1832, built in 1855, it occupies a tranquil oceanside site. Some of the headstones in the cemetery have photographic portraits.
190 Makena Rd., Makena
Kenoeoio/La Perouse Archeological District.
This was once the site of thriving Hawaiian communities. In 1786 J.F.G. de La Perouse, the first westerner to set foot on Maui, noted, "During our excursion we observed four small villages of about ten or twelve houses each, built and covered with straw..." This area is also the scene of Haleakala's last lava flow, estimated to have occurred in the 1790's, a mere 200 years ago! Many ancient Hawaiian sites remain along the shoreline trail. Please respect the Native Hawaiian archeological sites. Stay on the main trail. Help preserve these priceless sites for future generations by leaving them as you find them. End of Makena Rd.
Mantokuji Mission 1921
This mission is representative of Maui's Japanese Buddhist Temples. Its cemetery has over 600 burial markers, of which 203 are in English, the rest in Japanese. Like many Buddhist temples in Hawaii, the mission observes the Obon season each summer with services and dancing in honor of their ancestors.
Hana Hwy. Pa`ia.
Paper Airplane Museum (808) 877-8916
Aviation history and model airplanes.
70 E. Kaahumanu Ave., Kahului, HI 96732
Pi`ilanihale Heiau (808) 248-8912
Hawaii's largest Heiau (Place of worship), dates to the 14th century. Associated with Maui's Pi`ilani dynasty. Overgrown until the 70's this well kept secret allowed the heiau to remain one of the best preserved Hawaiian sites in the Islands. National Historic Landmark, 1966. Feature Article by Barbara sharp on the Archeological work done in the 80's.
National Tropical Botanical Garden.
Ula`ino Road, Hana. Call for hours: (808) 248-8912
Whalers Village Museum (808) 661-5992
Free Admission. Open Daily 9am to 10 pm. With a Whale pavilion, outdoor exhibits and hundreds of artifacts. The skeleton of a 40 foot Sperm Whale is dramatically exhibited. Displays of over 70 species of Whales. Introductory films about whaling history and Hawaii's state mammal, the Humpback Whale are shown daily. Photo murals, 19th century scrimshaw. Museum Gift Shop features scrimshaw, jewelry, sculptures and books about whales and whaling history.
2435 Ka`anapali Parkway, Lahaina, Maui 96761
Wiluku Civic Center Historic District
The Wailuku Courthouse (1907) is a beaux Arts inspired structure built after Wailuku replaced Lahaina as the county seat. Down the street is the 1927 County Office Building. Across the street the Wailuku Library (1928) and the Territorial Building (1931) were designed by Maui architect C.W. Dickey. One of Hawaii's most distinguished architects, known for developing the Hawaiian style of architecture characterized by a distinctive double-hipped roof.
High St. Wailuku.
Wailuku Heiau Complex 1240
Haleki`i and Pihanakalani Heiau are two of Maui's more accessible archeological sites. Haleki`i is constructed of water worn rocks from the Iao stream below. One of Maui's earliest Heiau, built circa 1240. Pihanakalani was a luakini where Kamehameha I probably performed the last human sacrifice on Maui. National Register 1985
Off Wailuku beach Rd. left on Kuhio Pl.
Wananalua Congregational Church 1842
The church is notable for its large size and historic site. National Register 1988
Hana Hwy. Hana
Wo Hing Society House 1912
Built circa 1912 is probably the finest surviving Chinese Tong House in Hawaii. National Register 1966
848 Front St. Lahaina