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Ka`anapali Today:

Kaanapali Beach Resort is the result of brilliant planning. Six world class Hotels, and Condos are each surrounded by acres of tropical landscaping, beautiful pools and waterfalls. Open air lobbies are a showcase for Oriental art pieces, and home to exotic birds and tropical flowers. Spacious is the word to describe the tree-lined, divided boulevard that runs through Kaanapali, and past the golf courses. On the ocean side of the hotels, three miles of lovely sand and surf, is bordered by a paved beach walk. In the midst of all this is Whalers Village, with up-scale shops, restaurants, and both a Whale Museum and a Whaling Museum. There are two golf courses, dozens of tennis courts, incredible pools, Fine Restaurants, nightlife, good swimming and snorkeling - all this and spectacular sunsets too! Kaanapali is only 3 miles from Lahaina, with good shuttle service, to help ease traffic conditions.

Ka`anapali the Past:

There are many legends of ghosts and spirits in and about Kaanapali, especially Kekaa (Black Rock), on the northerly end of the beach. It was said that when a person died, his spirit went to this old volcano Kekaa, and from here his soul departed. Ancient battles were fought along this coast, and for years the beach was littered with bones. Kaanapali up to Kapalua, was for centuries, dotted with villages, where thousands of Hawaiians lived, grew taro and fished. In 1830 the missionaries built an adobe church large enough to accommodate 1500 people. With the booming sugarcane industry, came The Lahaina, Kaanapali, and Pacific Railroad used to deliver the cane to Kaanapali, (Black Rock), where it was taken by barge to ships. In the 1960’s AMFAC decided to build Hawaii’s first planned resort on this beautiful beach.

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