Heavenly Hana

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Photos left to right
Banana Flower, near Hana
Waterfall, on the road to Hana
Small cave, Waianapanapa park
Rainbow Eucalyptus,

near Puaa'kaa park
Banana flower, near Hana
Waterfall, the road to Hana
Small cave entrance, Waianapanapa
Rainbow Eucalyptus, near Puaakaa Park
The Drive to Hana is often called the most Beautiful drive in the world. We recommend taking your time and pulling off the road frequently to take in the sights.

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Hana (literally Work), is set in rolling hills descending to Hana Bay. Many Pastures surround the town, these belong to Hana Ranch. (with Perhaps the happiest cows on earth).

In the 1800's Hana was a plantation town with a small Sugar Plantation, As sugar became a failing crop in the 1940's the San Francisco Industrialist Paul Fagan purchased the Hana Ranch consisting of 14,000 acres of prime cattle pasture. Fagan built the Hotel Hana Maui which opened in 1946. On April 1, 1946 and earthquake in Alaska sent huge tidal waves into the Hana coast, wiping out villages and washing away many people. Hana recovered but never forgot the tragedy.

The world famous Hasegawa General Store is in Hana town, although not the original, (the store was set ablaze in the fall of 1990), it still has much of the charm and funky feel that the original had. Hasegawa's has been in operation since 1910. The store even had a famous song written about it.. Harry knows exactly where everything is without using fancy computers he just knows every item in the store. I marvel at his use of shelf space...right next to the Johnnie Walker red is the Motor oil and Grease. you can find anything from Machete's to T-Shirts, Ukulele's to computer discs.

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Across from the Hotel Hana Maui is a stone cross erected in memory of Paul Fagan who died in 1960. It is possible to hike to the top of Lyon's hill as long as the gate is open.

Hana although small has a Cultural Center, Art galleries, Historical Churches, and many beaches and waterfalls to explore. Most Visitors simply drive through on their way to the pools of Ohe`o also known as the "Seven Sacred Pools". Just before Hana is the National Tropical Botanical garden, with the Piilanihale heiau, Hawaii's largest, and one of the oldest heiau's on the Islands.

Hana also has a small airport just outside of town, complete with car rentals.