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Paia (translated means 'Noisy'), was a bustling Sugar town, in the 1930's it's population was over 100,000. This eventually died down and almost became a ghost town until the 70's when 'Hippies' looking for a piece of Paradise settled in.
Paia is your last chance for gas on the way to Hana. This little town is a flashback to the 60's. tie-dye, rainbows, VW busses, Vegetarian restaurants. It is home to Surfers and Wind Surfers. Known as the Windsurfing capitol of the world.
Looking for Restaurants? A nice stop is Wunder Bar, good food and cold beer. A Quick right at the only light in town will lead you on a beautiful scenic drive to Makawao and then on to Kula. Heading straight through town will take you to Mama's Fish House and then Hookipa, One of the worlds best windsurfing spots. If you continue on in about 2 hours you will reach Hana.